Torq N Seal

December 3, 2012 in Agent & Distributor, New Product & Services

As the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Torq N Seal tube plugging systems, Extran is excited to promote, supply and install the latest in high pressure plugging systems.

Our range includes Condenser plugs, Tubesheet hole plugs, Air Cooled Heat Exchanger plugs and high pressure tube plugs capable of withstanding 6,500 psi pressure.

The TORQ N’ SEAL® Heat Exchanger Tube Sheet Plug is a solid one piece plug that can be inserted into the tube sheet of a leaking tube and expanded with a standard 3/8″ drive torque wrench. The plug will expand approximately 0.75mm (.030″) to provide a positive mechanical contact seal. The TORQ N’ SEAL® Heat Exchanger Plug can be used in high or low pressure applications such as feedwater heaters, moisture separator reheaters, preheaters, condensers, coolers, fin-fan coolers or any other tubed heat exchanger.

Please contact us with your plugging needs, so we can help you choose the appropriate plug in the material required.


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