Cleaning and Site Service

Heat Transfer Solutions


We understand that it is not always feasible to remove an exchanger from service and send it to a workshop for cleaning and servicing.  Therefore, Extran will send out an experienced, specialist crew to mechanical/chemical clean and service your Heat Exchanger on site.

On-site cleaning can be carried out on:

Our crew will turn up at your site with all of the required cleaning equipment and chemicals.  Following the clean they will dispose of the used chemicals and provide you with a condition report.

Our team can also carry out a pre-cleaning diagnosis, if required, and may be able to offer recommendations and advice on extending service intervals or improving performance.

Our aim is to improve the performance of your process equipment with minimal disruption to the operation of your plant.

For any enquiries or for further information, please Contact Extran.

Extran Pty. Ltd 10 Gabrielle Court, Bayswater North, Victoria, Australia 3153